I'm sorry for posting in the correct forum.
I'm sorry for making an attempt to get my money's worth.
I am more than sorry for signing up for DetailHosting.com's services.

Join me children, let us take a glimpse in the world of the DetailHosting.Com website....<b>*woooooshhhhh*</b>

<i>"DetailHosting is your single source for affordable, consistent, high-speed web hosting services. We have been recognized by thousands as a trustworthy company that offers one of the most speedy and affordable hosting services on the Internet. "</i>

Well hey, thats true. Not bad I must say...but you can't leave the whole pile o' **** on just one factor. Lets look at what really is the problem.

<b>*Clicks <i>"Support"</i> Button*</b>

<I>"Our top priority is to give our clients the best possible technical support. Our support staff of highly trained professionals are available to answer your questions.

"Customer Satisfaction is our Success" "</I>

Uh oh, ******** spotted. Now here we are in a wonderful world of affordable, consistent, high-speed web hosting service. Are we not? Well i paid money for this. Support is included you know. But lets see....nobody installed php! Uh oh, and look inside their list of what is included. Clearly see php right there. Didnt itch my nuts much at the time, lets see what happens what you take nuts, a problem, and a ******** support staff:

<i>From: "Miles" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
<b>Subject: a problem in php, you need to change!</b>
Date: Friday, May 07, 2004 2:20 PM

a script was having troubles. the guys on IRC said you may have never actually installed PHP...or configured it correctly. Can you please fix this for my account?

Account name: ********

thank you. </I>

No, really. Im a nice guy. But, hey. A highly trained support staff of professionals should be able to understand and make everything better...lets see what they have to say:

<i>From: <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: {PD-1924} Help Desk Response
Date: Friday, May 07, 2004 2:34 PM

Mark has responded to your help desk request.

Time: 7-5-2004-2:34
: Hi,

You can't run IRC script on our server. Please let us know what module you needed?

Support Department

Thank you,

Help Desk

This post is getting quite long. But the problem is not resting in his replies, its resting nowhere. No reply has been sent after this one. I sent two emails back..and still nothing. Yet my money is being paid to these people...for what? NOTHING.

My point is, dont sign up for these guys. Im really dissapointed AND PISSED OFF.

If your a good host, email me..post a reply...or hell. do ANYTHING. i need to get away from these guys. Just make sure its a decent price, and of course...actual support.

i forgot to add...their name on AIM is detailsupport247...24/7 huh? the name is almost never signed on....