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    Wanted Design Quote


    I need a quote for a design, my budget is not much.. But I need the main page, a subpage with a nice table designed with plans to compare and another subpage without the plans but with space to enter the support page and terms. My budget is of $50USD for now.. And maybe a bit more.. Please make your offers...

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    If this is simple web design, I can meet your quote. But if you are also looking for identity or advanced graphics, I'd have to see a higher budget.

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    Forgot to say, it's for a hosting company. I need light colors, nice ones. If you already have a template done, do show it here
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    Our community has a large number of designers who might want to participate in a contest even with such a little prize.

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    They all include flash headers, which can be customised by yourself easily.

    They also include all images, for easy customisation.

    (The previews may take a little time to load as they are BMP pics)

    $25 each or $70 for all 3 <- thats $5 off!

    (these template pictures are cut short, so there is more height to them - if you know what I mean.)

    Preview Template 1

    Preview Template 2

    Preview Template 3

    PM me, AIM me or Email..

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    AIM: Wapture2


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    Hello, we will do your design for you for $45 USD.

    If you want please message us and let us know.

    Thank you.

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    if you are interested in simple templates no more than 435 check out:

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    i meant no more than $35 soz

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    Ok I'll keep you in mind.... If any designers would like 3d servers, please contact me and I can sell them cheap.


    Preview of different 3d graphics..

    I make custom designs too so if you need anything, don't hesitate on contacting me
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    I can make a nice website design according to your requirements… please contact.

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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