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    Thumbs up Targetted Advertising at active webmaster community is offering ad space to webhosts who are interested in targetting ads to budding webmasters.

    Who are we and What's in it for you?
    Our community and visitors are primarily webmasters who discuss web-building issues. Some members are given a small CPanel account, with which they can start building their websites. We introduce these new webmasters to what a webhosting account has to offer, but allocate limited diskspace, transfer and features.

    Once members have an established site that needs more resources, they will be interested in purchasing paid webhosting from commercial webhosting providers.

    What are the available slots?
    Our recent upgrade to vBulletin 3 allows us to open new advertising locations on our forums.
    Your ad will be an ad button of 200x20 px attached to one of the forum categories. Please have a look at for a mockup of the ad layout.
    The first slot (at the top of the forums) goes for $1.50 USD per day. Subsequent slots are at $1.00 USD per day. A minimum of 20 days campaign is required. Payments will be made through Paypal.

    Can I see some stats?
    Sure, we have been around for half a year, and consistently draw more than 900 visitors per day (and growing!). We have accumulated stats for this year and the month of May and posted this information at

    Alternatively, you may join in our community and post your webhosting offers in our advertisement forum.

    Please PM me if you are interested and would like to know more.

    Thank you.
    Providing free cPanel web hosting for over 2 years to community of webmasters
    An independent Review

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    I'll take Website development at $30 for 30 days.

    Feel free to send me the details.

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    The top-most category (General Administration) and Web development category are taken.

    3 slots remaining on the rest of the Forum categories.
    Providing free cPanel web hosting for over 2 years to community of webmasters
    An independent Review

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    I will do $30 for 30 days as well, let me know how to pay and such. I am not a web host, but target the same audience.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
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