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    HAs anyone used RealValueHosting

    Just looking for opinions on I'm looking for Windows reseller with HELM control panel, and they look OK from their web site, but a search here reveals only their commercial postings.

    Any real experience out there?


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    Have you tested their response times to emails and maybe try running search under general search engines and hope 4 the best. If you do decide to go with them then keep WHT updated about your experience...

    Good Luck

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    signed up

    I've signed up with cyberservers after reading a few recommendations here. There's a quite cheap (too cheap?) entry level plan which I'm on while I learn HELM - great so far.

    They gave good quick response to the first of my dumb questions. I'll drop back here in a month or three and report

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    I think I am late for this

    You can see some of the reviews about our company at <br />[*][*];pagenumber=1[*][*]

    If you have further queries do let us know.

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