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    Hi everyone! a couple of weeks ago I recieved an email from some chic from Russia. She was looking for a possible relationship,so I decided to play along. Two days ago, I got an email saying she's madly in love with me, and she needs $1200 dlls to buy her ticket to the US. Yeah right. Well, if you've been a victim of such people or someone had tried to do something like this to you I'd like to hear from you guys.
    By the way, this is what I think of this girl.

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    Pay me $1200 and I shall check that out for you. Haha.

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    Good one. You almost got me there.

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    Actually this does happen.

    I know someone that got taken on this scam, although at least they waited two weeks with him.

    Still, it's kind of ridiculous that someone would believe a person could fall for them in a matter of two weeks without ever meeting them.

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    This I might say it's an ol' one Delt with something similar about a year ago. I'm wondering when will it stop. Remember the nigerian scam? It still goes on and and on and the Duracell Rabbit
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