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    Angry Sharp Web Services - Server Down?

    We use Sharp Web Services to Host our business site (Maleny Computer Centre) and it has been down for 4 days. The mail server has also been down for 4 days.

    The Sharp Web Services Web Site and Admin Control Panel are also not working.

    This seems to have happened at the same time as the Sasser Virus started to spread.

    Has anyone else lost service?
    Does anyone have any info on what the problem is and when it will be resolved.

    I have also tried contacting WebLaunching dot net as they bill as for the service, and must be associated with Sharp Web Services, but they have not replied either.

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    4 days? wow - I must say, you are handling this better then I would be...

    If you have backups - find another host and get your site back up !!

    If you dont have backups - try every means possible to reach your host or their provider (Data Center) and try to get your server online long enough to grab your data.

    You mentioned concern over the Sasser Virus - are you hosting on a windows server? Also - the fix for the virus is well known, worse case would be some (by some I mean what - help me out here any Windows Admins - 30 mins to install patch and reboot? )

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