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    Game Servers!!!!

    Hi we at ABSOLUTEGAMING.NET are pleased to announce that we are done with our upgrades and guranteeing you the best service available.

    We host at top notch datacenters in
    California LA:
    California SJ:
    New York:
    Virginia :

    The current average box we hosts on are
    P4 2.8ghz 800fsb with HT
    1GIG PC2700 RAM

    Our prices are set at

    $3.25public slot -lowered prices!
    $2.00 private slot

    We will give with each game server
    1.) Game Server Control Panel
    2.) 200mb Webspace
    3.) 5 e-mails
    4.) Webspace Control Panel
    5.) Full Customer Support
    6.) Any plugin request for free
    7.) Dedicated IPs for Public Servers

    We are also a LISENCED ventrilo host.
    The current price is set at

    So please check us out at

    please e-mail us if you have any questions, or you can post here.
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    What kind of location is Chicago SJ with the same IP as California SJ??
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    fixed the chicago IP

    it is located at the Server Central Network Datacenter
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    What uptime do you guratnee ?

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    What games are those rates for?

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    We offer 99% uptime given that the original files are not modified. If you edit it, we can not gurantee you that the game server will be up because it can crash etc. HOWEVER machine wise, we gurantee 99% uptime.

    And the prices mentioned above is set for Halflife Mods
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    You have AIM or MSN that I can ask more ?'s on ?

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