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    Will work for free

    In order to expand my portfolio and something extra to place on my resume, I'm willing to completely design / redesign, and manage (optional) any website that's a nonprofit organization and is for a good cause, absolutely free.

    Please contact me via
    AIM - m0tionsick00

    or PM me.

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    Just so there isn't any confusion, this offer is directed more for nonprofitable organizations such as charities which are only on the net for a good cause, not to make any money.
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    I'm looking to get a gamiing clan website done does that fit?
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    I am developing a system right now that will offer free voicemail boxes to anyone that sign up. Users will also be able to have reminder/wake up calls for free

    I do plan to seel phone cards and a few other services later in the projects life. If you're willing...please PM me, Email me, AIM me at Hp1...or simply just reply to this

    Thanks alot!

    Kevin Carpenter

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    Originally posted by jaali
    I'm looking to get a gamiing clan website done does that fit?
    No. I'm not looking to do any websites like that. I'm talking more about websites that are for a good cause and are nonprofit. I'm currently working on a website for an animal shelter, just as an example.

    Carp, I'll try and catch you on aim.
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    Izan, I would be interested in discussing this a bit more with you.

    I run a NPO christian radio webcasting station and we'll have our tower up this summer broadcasting in Canada.

    We also have several plans to setup shelters for the needy, etc. We do yearly 'sock drives' to give socks out to the homeless, etc.

    Lots of different things we do - and we'd be interested in having you aboard if you're willing.

    Thank you for your time!
    - David
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    We could use your help


    I can't post web links yet, but I think we might fit your desired non-profit... Check out the white paper at our site...

    www (dot)

    my email is there, too.


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