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    I frame problem Im having

    I am wanting to display pictures in an iframe but I dont want a scrollbar on the side (vertical) just want one to go left to right to view the pictures and every time I try it only displays the scrollbard up and down and makes the pictures go up and down instead of sideways.

    <iframe name="_sponsors" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="125" src="test1.html" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

    Thats the iframe coding Im using

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    Try this

    <iframe name="_sponsors" marginwidth="1000" width="100%" height="125">

    needs to be wider than the page to scroll left and right

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    you want to set scrolling="no"

    I dont know if you will be able to scroll horizontally with that setting though....

    you probably could set the IFRAME to have a fixed height then INSIDE the IFRAME, you can create a table of one single row and lots of <td> tags for each image??

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