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    Looking for someone to do set up


    I have just set up a miniserver and am having real problems setting up WHM etc on it. I have gone through the original configuration and have made a total mess of things.

    I keep getting error messages and nothing seems to work. I am not at all technical and have read a lot of the posts regarding set up but to be honest do not understand most of what it says to do.

    I am looking for someone who can set everything up for me, I will of course pay for this.

    I am using WHM 9.2.0 cPanel 9.2.0-R24
    Fedora - WHM X v2.1.2

    If anyone is willing to set this up for me, or knows of somewhere I can go to arrange this please contact me or post below. Ideally I am looking for it to be up and running within 48 hours max.

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    Your PM's don't yet work here on WHT, so I sent you an e-mail through your website.

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    Thanks. I have just got your email.

    I will reply directly in about 10 minutes

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