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    Help..gas or electric water heater?

    Hi all,

    I would like to know which one is more safe?

    Gas water heater or Eletric water heater? I would like to use electric water heater, but my friend said that it's more safe to use gas water heater.
    Because if I'm using electric water heater, accidentally the water can contains the dangerous electric ion and it can kill us.

    Please let me know your opinion.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I've never heard of this danger with electric water heaters...

    but i'd prefer a gas one in my area. power cut = no hot water... eek

    (and because of ntl's dogery they managed to destroy almost the entire street's power cables, so they die every month or so and we get a day without power)

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    it has to deo with expense and efficiency - go gas.
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    well I am guessing you live in the US and I would say go with gas heater but in many countries where people use gas heaters it is much more dangerous because just like power companies the gas companies cut when that happens people need to turn them off and if they don't lots of things can happen...actually lots of people die due to this problem as some of them use gas heaters to heat their homes in winter as well.

    so go with gas...much cheaper too

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    Gas heater would be much cheaper.

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    I use gas for water heating and cook top, love it.
    Gas is only great when you use smart appliances eg they know when the flame goes out, because it could be too late by the time you find out

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    I would go with a gas heater. In most areas its cheaper to run, plus gas rarely will "go out" like electric does.

    As far as safe they both are very safe. Modern gas water heaters have safety devices that prevent the gas from staying on if a pilot light is not present.

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    In India we get solar heater with electric heating backup. Works fine on sunny days with the heater combination and on cloudy days the electric heater takes over completely. If you are not in the equatorial region I dont think it will be effective

    For about 200 litres capacity unit it costs about US$ 500 with easy loans from banks. Zonal laws require all new commercial buildings should install solar heaters and rain water harvesting facilities.

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    Gas heating is much much cheaper then electrical

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    a what who is dangerous? lol I have never hear that one before.
    Electricity will not poison the water, you can put that to rest now.

    It should come down to efficiency, which has been said gas is most of the time WAY cheaper to operate. An electric water heater usually has 2 elements(upper and lower) each being 4500 watts, see my post from yesterday at to help understand the cost of operating a 9000 watt water heater. It should be said though that much of the time the upper element will not kick on. As heat rises the hotter water goes to the top while the cooler water is at the bottom(this is why the pipes are at the top, to give you the hottest water available), this cause the lower element to kick on more often than the lower. Another factor which can change this is that each has its own independant thermostat. How you set each will determine how often each comes on. The top t-stat should be set at just a couple degrees lower than the lower,his will cut the electric consumption.

    edited to add- An electric water heater is your largest fuel consuming appliance and is the reason for the biggest chunk for your electric bill, generally about 40% which is even more than your air conditioning your home. The cost of running a gas water heater will generlly be about 10 - 15% of your total bill.
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