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    Illegal order - how to know

    We have just received an order that just doesn't look right. We called the phone number given to us and ask for the person on the account. The person did answer but says they didn't order the hosting plan.
    What should we do next?
    We use WHM AutoPilot and logged an IP address.
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    refund the order and don't provide service. Not much else you can do the person is probably in some far off country.

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    All you can do is refund the order and don't provide the service.
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    You should just ignore the order; there's no reason to assume that it is a valid order when information provided was real.
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    Push them to confirm the order by phone. If they can give a US telephone number that you can reach them at to confirm it, then maybe it is legit. If not, do what everyone else says and refund it.

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    blacklist the email address and beware of those kind of IPs in the future. Tell them to fax/scan the credit card photocopies and send them to you.
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    If you have the credit card number on hand at the time of the call and the person on the other end did not order the service, it's likely their credit card is stolen. Offer them the last 4 digits of the CC number - you'll never receive so many thankyou's

    Then blacklist the IP and make a note of where it originated from. If you find too many from a particular country with no legit orders blacklist the whole country to save yourself some time.
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    I'd refund it without prior screening. Wouldn't look good even its legit order since the info given was dodgy.

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    Refund it... sounds like a bad order.

    Also, if you ever have concerns on any order - follow your instincts. It is better to lose an occasional legal sale than get hit by chargebacks from fraudulent orders.

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