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    2.4.26 and high memory usage


    I'm sure I did something wrong when compiling, because now that I'm on 2.4.26 w/GRSEC my memory usage went from 17% on redhat kernels and now to 37% constantly. I have 2GB ram.

    One thing I noticed in logwatch:

    WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
    BIOS failed to enable PCI standards compliance, fixing this error....: 4Time(s)

    This is pretty weird because my load seems to be lower on this kernel but the memory is about 3 times higher.. And in CPU status I cant find a single task that is taking up a lot of memory, so I think there is a memory leak in the software.

    Anyone have some ideas? BTW - I'm thinking I'll just upgrade to 2.6.5, anyone think thats a bad idea?


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    type "free" and paste the output

    your RAM is probably Cached and buffered, not used.

    for example a 512mb machine i have:

    [email protected]:~$ free
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:        516544     512252       4292          0      43056     275116
    -/+ buffers/cache:     194080     322464
    Swap:      2097136      18444    2078692
    [email protected]:~$
    looks like there is only 4mb free.

    actually there is 322mb available..... but it has buffered data on it, to make the data load quick, ie, webpages.

    as soon as ther system NEEDS this buffered memory to store something, the data will be unbuffered and the memory will be used.

    Linux kernel tries to buffer as much as it can.... to speed things up

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