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    Question PHP: Run URL and capture output in a variable

    What PHP function can I use to RUN a URL and then capture the output in a URL??

    I can't use fopen() or any of the file opening functions because a file is not returned, only a short string.

    This short string is displayed in my browser if I request the URL with my browser. I can't find any PHP functions that can read the output of a URL if it is not a file.

    This is such a basic thing to want to do.

    How would you do it??

    Thanks a lot,

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    so you just want to get the contents of a url into a string?


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    Most of the file opening functions have URL wrappers that allow you to open URLs.

    Some depend on php.ini settings (allow_url, if I remember correctly). The safest way to do this sort of things is to use any number of HTTP classes (like snoopy) or cURL if you have that functionality compiled in.
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    try to open URL like: $result_string = join('', file(''));
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    the easiest and as far as I know about the only way to do this using a function in PHP is

    $string = file_get_contents("");

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    Thanks Flush. For some reason I had over-looked this function but in any case it's no good because the server my site is on is running PHP 4.1.2.

    I can't find anyway to get 4.1.2 to do the job and fear you may be right that file_get_contents() is the only way to do this.

    But because it seems a relatively simple task for PHP to perform, I can't help doubting that it took until version 4.3 to accomodate this.

    Can someone with PHPv4.3+ check that this works:
    PHP Code:
    $urloutput//should print "N,-1,Cart id must be provided" 
    If so, I'll badger my host for a php upgrade.

    Thanks again,

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    Can someone with PHPv4.3+ check that this works:

    echo $urloutput; //should print "N,-1,Cart id must be provided"
    I have PHP version 4.3.3 and your script return string:
    N,-1,Could not derive installation ID
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    Smile Solution Found!

    Thanks Adult4Web. That means that function would work.

    Anyhow, for my 4.1.2 version: I've taken the advice of fyrestrtr and BenSummers and used curl (which surprisingly my host had installed). This works:

    PHP Code:
    $ch curl_init();   
    curl_setopt($chCURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,1); // return into a variable 
    $result curl_exec($ch); 
    Thank you all. This is a pretty class forum...

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