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    selling 3 templates quick.

    Well, these have been sitting on my hard disk for more than a year now. 2 made for clients but other designs was preferred (Doesn't mean that they are bad, different people have different tastes). They have never been on the web live. The other never got the chance to sell, as my computer went nuts around that time. So have forgotten about them until now.

    They are rather high quality templates but as they have been sitting on my computer for so long, i will sell them off rather cheaply.

    URL :
    Template 1 - $50
    Template 2 - $50
    Template 3 - $50

    You will receive a neat sliced psd file, html, all fonts and all rights. These templates will not be resold. All I want is to be able to display these on my portfolio when my site gets running again.

    Payment via paypal.

    Coding, additional pages, logos are avaliable at additional costs.

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    template one sold if you can do a little customazation for me.

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    great.. what customisation will you like done? Do you have aim?

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    Yeh WLatic is my username

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    Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

    Might want to host the images elsewhere for now. Try, free
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    The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer.

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    template 1 sold.

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    haha, my site is down for now so I can't host it there.. I'll try moving it somewhere else

    View template 2 here

    View template 3 here

    Thanks for the link.

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    Just to add another template.

    Template 4 - $65 (was half done so had to finish it up)

    Comes with complete sliced PSD, fonts used, coded html with CSS.

    Alterations, flash, subpages extra.

    My AIM is realminsilver

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