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    Domin transfer error!!!

    Hello friends,
    I have posted number of queries for this issue but didn't get a proper reply.
    I have been transferring 400 domains from one server to other.
    Now I was successfull in transferring some domains but not all.
    The problem is that ,the domins which are having subdomains are n't transferred .
    But problem is that the domains show-up in /home directory but not in WHM list account's list.
    So when I tried to recopy the domains(which are absent from WHM list)I got error that username already exists.
    Then I userdel username ,and again recopied,but still I got the sam error.
    Now How should I delete the accounts from ssh,as they don't show up in WHM list.?Is there any command to delete the user so that I can recopy them?
    Or is there any different suggestion?method?
    Thank you.

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    Make sure you remove the user file from /var/cpanel/users as well. Also check your httpd.conf file and make sure that the domain don't exist already in there. If it does, remove it as well.
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