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    Tpv? American Express?


    I am watching several banks to ask for the Virtual TPV, I show some examples to you.

    the Caixa: It supports VISA, Mastercard, EUROCARD
    BBVA: It supports VISA, Mastercard, EUROCARD
    Banesto: It supports VISA, Mastercard, EUROCARD and American Express.

    Has much value the American Express? Use much people? Little people?

    Help Please.


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    I am not sure about the rest but I use American Express quite exclusively because they offer the best benefit for me as the customer such as better fraud protection. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    American Express is preferred by the customer but not the retailer.

    American Express charge more then the usual credit companys to use there service, only the real big retailers use it, as they can justify the financial cost.

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