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    [REQUEST] Custom vB301 style wanted


    I am looking for a designer to design a unique vB3 style for my forums - w w w . z e l d a u n i v e r s e . n e t / f o r u m s (minus the spacing, not allowed to post urls) - I just upgraded to the forums, but right now I am too busy to design a style myself, so I wish to do it this way.

    I am willing to go up to between $50 - $100 USD to get what I want. I am not looking for a very graphics heavy style, just something that fits with the looks of my site ( h t t p : / / w w w . z e l d a u n i v e r s e . n e t ), and differs a little from the standard vB3 design.

    Oh and btw, the postbit should be reverted to like it was with vB2, because I really do hate the postbit-above-the-post thing.

    Give me your offers, and examples of your previous work, and I will let contact you if I am interested.

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    I can get something together for ya, pm me and we can discuss contact information.

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