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    Photoshop help with pattern

    If you make your text appear with an image inside it (define the pattern then select it from pattern overlay) and you send the PSD to someone, do you have to send the original image that you have made the text out of as well?

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    what do you mean? so that they can edit the text themselves?

    in that case maybe you will want to use the layer mask tool instead. I mean if they want to edit the psd themselves, they ought to have some photoshop knowledge.

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    no, the image inside the text will be sent along inside the .psd

    im not sure wether they would be able to edit the text and such, but if your worried about that why not include the image inside another layer which is hidden

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    All you need is to send the .psd file, this includes the image and he will be able to modify the text. The .psd is quite complete.

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