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Thread: Help on hiring.

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    Post Help on hiring.

    I believe my business has reached a point where I can seriously consider hiring people (tech support/server admin/sales/marketing).

    I would like to hear any experiences from people who made the successful transition from a 1 man shop to hiring employees. My main concerns are this.

    Should I get an office? This will add to the overhead, but will also make it much easier for me to manage employees. I currently enjoy working from a home office and wouldn't mind hiring people nationwide. I am just not sure how safe that is. I don't want to pay hourly and have the person sleeping or playing games. It will also make it very hard for me to monitor the quality. The jobs I have are not answering support tickets, where I could track down how many tickets were answered, but jobs that would require phone conversations with clients.

    I would like to hear any experiences or thoughts on hiring employees and expanding from a 1 man shop. I am tired of being reluctant to go on vacation, because I am worried there will be an emergency and no one (or no one I can fully trust) to handle it.

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    If your problems are support then consider the option of outsourcing it

    Hire affiliate to be sales people for you, I think you should shift into a small office because you will need to monitor your employees activities. You can even outsource phone support to the above companies. Many people are scared when it comes to hiring, set goals for your employees, day to day objectives, share your company's vision with them, ask them to give you a daily report of the word they did. Hire someone close to you, nationwide just go for affiliates because you dont need to monitor them, your tracking script would do that and besides they get paid when they make a sale. visit this site for more tips thanks
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    If you feel you have reached the point where you can seriously consider employing people, I wouldnt think about outsourcing.
    If it was me, I would rent out a small office somewhere and employ a couple of local people.

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    the local salary is high, we spend a lots on it and the operating cost has been very high, I would suggest to hire some cheap and hard working staff in India.

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    I second to nowisph. Consider hiring a staff in shift duties and in countries like Pakistan, India etc. They people are hardworking and even if you just give 200$ a month. They will be ready to provide technical support for you people.

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    And they don't speak english clearly. Well some do but a lot of them don't.
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    Just give them the job to answer emails and tickets, they can do it well, while inhouse staff take care of the phone support.

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