Hey all

I'm selling a few domain names that I have but no longer need. All bids are $10 or over no less, don't want less than I paid for them.

Domains are registered with NameCheap and include that "Free Push" gizmo everybody loves.

couchraider.com - Expires/Wed 03/30/2005
Oh the fun you could have with this domain, I originally bought it in mind of creating some chilld out relaxed forum, but I didn't/don't have the time to develop it.
When you think about buying this domain envision all the cool kids on your street thinking you're the bomb 'cos you own such a cool domain.

neverlevel.com - Expires/Thu 04/21/2005
Bought this not so long ago, longer than I thought actually, nearly 3 weeks. Was going to use this domain as my base of operations; i.e. portfolio etc. However coming up with a logo and/or design concept for it proved to tough so I gave up all hope on that.
But for whoever is thinking about buying it, it's a perfect domain for you, really brings out your eyes.

popcornsounds.com - Expires/Thu 01/13/2005
Bought this quite a while ago. Four months maybe? I had al ot of free time in January and I wanted to create a forum which combind two elements, music and movies, so I came up with this unique yet original name for it. However I didn't have as much free time as I thought I did and development stopped.
For the person who's thinking wow, what a cool domain this is, you're absolutely right man, it's perfect for you, snap it up now before others do!

If you'd like to buy any of these domains, and frankly why wouldn't you , then you can PM me by clicking that PM button or you can email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP.