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    Best banner to have

    What is the best banner to place on your site for getting paid the most by raw visits?

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    Have you tried adsense? they don't pay by raw visit, but i have a good conversion rate of clicks...Free to join.
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    The top of the page is always better than the bottom and left is usually better than right.

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    i tryed google, they sucked, i got upto 40$ then all of a sudden it reported 0 clicks for the next month full, even though my self installed php file that detected clicks was still reporting just as many as before. I contacted them on this and they said it wasnt recieving clicks so I removed it. I heard or something like that is good. I need one with paypal.

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    how much google pay for one click,or how many clicks should I generate to get $100
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    There are a few affiliate programs that pay per raw visit, but 90% of them are adult content related.
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