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Thread: plesk & dns

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    plesk & dns

    hi all,
    i'm new in server management. Can anyone please tell me (in simple words!) how can i set up the dns on my sever so when i want to register a client i could set nameservers and ip's.


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    i think this is all automated already upon domain creation, they usually set the base to
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    1. read the plesk manual
    2. read dns&bind available from amazon
    3. hire a server admin to show you
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    tutorial on how to set up DNS with plesk

    hi dpapala

    There is an excellent tutorial for this at

    click on the 'Customer Support' link on the top bar and then click on 'Flash Tutorials'

    In Flash Tutorials go to 'Plesk 7 Admin Use'

    and click on 'Plesk First Steps'



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