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Thread: Server Usage

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    Server Usage

    I am just trying to get my head round Dedicated servers and what role you use them for in your business.

    Do you setup yoour servers to handle everything for your clients, eg mail, web, mySql etc or do you use seperate servers for different services?

    There are obviously Pros and Cons here whichever way you go, but what works for you?

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    If its hosting business, clustered server might have to highly consider H-sphere or self customized control panel. Else all in 1.

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    it depends on the number of customers, clustering works well for large numbers of clients but the cost of multiple servers is wasted if you're customer base isn't that big.

    Personally I prefer the all in one approach, it limits initial outlays and means you can expand on demand. Software like ensim makes it easy to manage so it gets my vote.

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