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    Help with mIRC upload and connection

    Anyone know how i can open back my ident port? Im behind a router/hardware firewall from Microsoft. I cant seem to connect to some IRC networks like DALNet. (its open, but stealthed accoring to shields up)

    This router is awesome, so easy to setup and comes with a firewall, but it has given me some minor problems. Another problem is i cant seen to upload files to my friends anymore using mIRC's DCC. i tried to google but cant find any good sources.

    thanks for any help

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    It may help to mention the name of your router/firewall. No doubt someone around here is an expert on it.

    I've also found that some networks have 'weak links', so if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a DalNet server that'll let you connect, and get on the network that way.

    If nothing else, you may be able to setup a client on a website. If you have a shell... something like bitchX is good. If you just have a webpage, you still may be able to setup something like Jpilot ( ) or Eirc ( )(Both Java) or CGI::IRC ( ) (Perl) Although you'll have to research to find out about DCC.

    Good luck,

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    Actually, you need to open up the IDENT port, Port 113 on your firewall and forward that traffic to one of the computers on your network. Your firewall should contain instructions on how to do that.
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    this is the router im currently using. thanks joe and douglas, its a good idea so i can chat with my friends while im looking on opening up my ident port

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    For DCC you'll need to specify a range of ports to use and then open/forward those ports on your firewall, too.

    With DCC the sending computer notifies the receiving computer and says "hey, I've got a send for you, connect to me on port <x>" so you need to be sure to have that port open. Most IRC clients, including mirc, provide a way for you to specify what ports to use.

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    OH i see, yeah i changed the ports to 7050-7060, not sure if any program is using it though.


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