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    Logo Design needed $35

    I need a logo designed for a nail salon.  The name of the salon is Bamboo Nails.

    Logo Specs: For use on a website header.  Needs to have bamboo in the overall theme.  Please design a rough sample and post here or email it to me and I will hire you then.

    There are a few rules that must be followed:

    1) You must be willing to send me a sample of the logo(watermarked, branded) etc.. that i can show my customer to get his approval.

    2) You must be willing to make changes based on my customers request.

    3) I will only send payment upon successful completion of the project.  I DO pay, I would not tarnish my reputation for a simple logo

    If all goes well I will be contacting you for future work.  I can provide payment via paypal or credit card.  Please if you cannot follow these specs exactly do not apply!


    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    Could you give me the size of the website header please?
    - Jamie Harrop

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    Have a look our Logo templates, starting as low as $20.

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    Nice one mbleigh.
    HQ Max

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    I am having my client look at your logo now Good Work!

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    heres mine

    Click CLICK <<

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    Hey ichi, didn't know you perused these forums

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    hi mbleigh, i came here before but then i find sitepoint more interesting, so i forgot about this hehehe

    glad to see u here

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    Any word on this?

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    I made a header too, I think it's even nice for on the window of your nail studio. (I cant post the link, cause you have to post 5 comments befor you can :x)

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