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    [Selling] Web Hosting Identity

    Hey all

    I planned on starting up a web hosting company but due to other committments I no longer have the time to start up this venture, therefore there is a need for me to sell what I have already.

    What I am selling is as follows;

    - The domain, Registered at NameCheap

    - The design, custom made high quality design. Preview is available at;

    - The logo, highly brandable logo. Which can be found at

    - The websites front end is coded, that is the website has been put together. I've coded it using CSS/XHTML, no tables. Always a good thing

    - HiveMail Supported license, expires Jan 27th 2005. This is very useful to handle all of your incoming mail.

    - Flash banner. An excellently made Flash banner for the business, preview available at;

    This is an excellent start up package if you have the servers but don't have the time or the resources to put together the rest of the website. You'll receive psd's, fonts used, coded files and sub pages.

    I'm looking for serious offers only on this, so please bear that in mind. Also please remember that a HiveMail Supported license (normally $180) should be taken into consideration too when giving a price..

    If you're interested in this Web Hosting Identity then please feel free to PM me, or contact me at [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you,

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    General estimate of what you're looking to get?
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    Also, would you be willing to sell w/o the hivemail license?

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    yes i would be also intrested without the hivemail license

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    Just had an email off someone to buy everything excluding the HiveMail License for $450. So I guess, that and over.

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    HiveMail license has just been sold .

    Web Hosting Identity package is still available though.

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    Do you have a buy it now price?

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    Originally posted by Chris Gwynne
    Just had an email off someone to buy everything excluding the HiveMail License for $450. So I guess, that and over.
    anjam just bid 500$
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    I'm only interested in the domainname / logo, would you split it out from the rest?

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    No sorry EUROspeed, it comes as a whole.

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    This is still available for anyone who's interested.

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    my request still stands

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    PM sent, however this offer is still open to anybody.

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    The $450 bid backed out, so I'm accepting all serious offers again. Thanks.

    For a more clearer view of what's on offer please visit;

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