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    Best httpd.conf config

    Does anybody have any tweaks for httpd.conf to speed up apache?

    My usage:

    Thanks in advance

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    Try turning keep-alive off or if you dont want to do that then make the keep-alive timeout about 5.

    Also, if your using php, try installing turck mmcache to cache the pages as they are compiled.

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    If you're running RHE3 you ideally will need to have keep-alive on otherwise images can load significantly slower.

    TurckMMCache is great, although that's for PHP and not Apache.

    I guess we can suggest some settings for you if you let us know your system specs.


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    my systems specs can be found on

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    also i Use Red Hat 9, Apache 1.3.9

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    Besides optimizing software I would recommend adding more RAM, because you have a nice fast CPU, but low RAM, this can be and probably is a bottleneck in your system. You will need additional RAM for caching PHP scripts, mysql queries, running more apache processes. You hardly hit swap now, but to ensure overall stability add more RAM.

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    Your server seems to be runnig out of memory. Adding another 512 MB of RAM will help, though I will put as any RAM as the motherboard allows. 2GB would be better.
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    That's the next thing i will do, Add 512 MB of Ram or 1 GB. Right now I am saving for it, i just bought 250 GB hard drive that will be added to my server soon. Things get to be expensive when you buy them with one-time fee. I will install TruckMMCache soon, any recommendation for apache?

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