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    adding reseller nameservers

    I own a dedicated server and I have a problem.... I have no idea how to add reseller nameservers!!! HELP!

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    WHM -> Reseller Center - Edit Reseller Privileges/Nameservers - down below and put it right there

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    thanks, all is cool

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    Go to your domain name registrar and register the choice nameserver (ns) to use the ip address of your host, then inform your server host to update their dns zone or do what they ought to do on their server.

    You should allow up to 72hours for the registered ns to become visible.

    Once this is done, you can change the ns of your clients only (not yours) to your new ns. Give it 72 hours also.

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    It can help sometimes to also get your Data Center to reverse map the name servers. Some foreign registrars are really picky about this sort of thing.
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