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    Arghhhh - this stoopid domain name problem and domain co. !

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if someone could give me some advice on my domain name problem

    Basically I have my domain mehullakhani dot com . I bought it from uk2 net , but their hosting etc etc is a bit naff, so I bought my webspace/e-mail from 34sp com ( who are excellant by the way ! )

    All was fine, I had the domain point to's nameservers, and my webpages were located with 34sp com.

    Anyway, about 6-8 weeks ago I get an e-mail from uk2 net saying that my domain name was about to expire. They wanted a fair amount of money to renew it, and so I thought , let me transfer it to 34sp com, because that way all my domain/hosting etc etc is with one provider, and it worked out cheaper.

    So I told them this 6 weeks in advance, and uk2 net, said to fill out a form on their website, which would update the records, and allow the domain to be transferred over . I did this, and they said that everything had been done correctly - and that 34sp com could initiate the transfer as soon as they wanted to .

    So I told 34sp com, and they said they would do it on 21st April, which is when the domain expired with uk2 net

    The 21st april came and went, and then WHAM - my website went down and my e-mail too . Uk2 net were no longer pointing my domain at 34sp com.

    I have written many e-mails to uk2 net, but they are useless at replying, and are not changing the tags or whatever they need to do to allow to take over the domain . 34sp com are being excellant, but cannt really do anything to help me .

    What should I do now ? Uk2 net have no phone lines etc, just e-mail, which they dont reply to . Arghhhhh . The guy at 34sp com said that I could contact the top level domain admin - Verisign ? and get them to force uk2 net to do the transfer . How do I go about doing this ? Any other ideas ? Its really starting to bug me now . . . . .

    Thanks for reading this looooong post !


    PS It seems there registrar is joker DOT com ? ? ?

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    only solution is renew, wait for 60 days then transfer

    60 days is set by the registry so u cant do anything about it.
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    Your website stopped working because most probably your domain expired. So renew first and then transfer out. Btw I heard is terrible at transferring out.

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    So what is the actual legal position with all this. Does anyone know.

    UK2's lack of action is forcing a renewal with no guarentees that you will even be able to transfer thereafter.

    Its tantamount to theft!

    I ask because I am about to have the same problem.
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    Lots of things don't add up here...:

    1) Your domain is listed with an expiry date of 21 April 2006 - so someone has clearly renewed it.

    2) Your domain is delegated to ns and, and both servers are authoritative - so what makes you think your domain is not working?

    3) When I type in your domain I get taken to a web site - so what makes you think your domain is not working?

    4) If you told 34sp to transfer the domain, and they said they would initiate the transfer on the day that the domain expires then that would indicate that they don't understand the transfer procedure. You NEVER leave transfers until the last day because transfers usually take a few days to complete

    On another subject, are you aware that you are in danger of losing your domain? You are required, under ICANN rules, to provide full contact information in the Whois. The address details provided in your registration look more than just a little bit incomplete... (Not having a go at you, just trying to be helpful!)

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    Did their TOS state there is a transfer away fee?
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    Assuming what mehullakhani's post about getting the domain via is true, it looks like it was acquired thru a reseller for an
    actual registrar. And the domain's pulling up a website for me.

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