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    * Host for Heavy-Perl Ggi based web site?

    I have to move from current hosting provider, due to heavy reosources loads my website needs. They are kindly kicking me out.

    I've several Perl Cgi that are considered too heavy from my host. Unfortunately my website is too popular (?)

    I need 15 Gb transfer per month, php perl mysql, unix and 500-700 Mb disk. Cpanel is welcome.

    I'm looking for virtual hosting 30-40 USD/month, a dedicated server it is too much for my pocket. (i'm running an hobby site)

    Does anyone has any good serious and honest suggestion ?


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    CGI thats used heavily is going to be rough on most servers. Try to look at alternatives like mod_perl. If a script is written well, it can be run through Apache::Registry with little effort. This will take a lot of the load off but most hosts do not offer it.
    Heres a guide to porting your apps.
    Feel free to pm me if you need help with the perl.

    That said getting larger plans from a host can get you on a lower contention server. Your requirements are pretty low besides processor, so a VDS might work well too.

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    Try finding a host that specializes in safelists and the like. They will be experienced in hosting scripts that are resource hogs.

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    For your budget I would suggest that you look at a ServInt VPS solution. This is a managed solution and would likely be able to fill the gap between a shared account and a full dedicated server.

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