We are having a sale for paypal users and webhostingtalk members of our Website Promotion Suite.

The website promotion suite is a combination of tools written in PHP, each with proven results in traffic generation, site promotion and keyword optimization.
All of the tools work without mysql to simplify the installation and use.

General Overview(Program list)

- Fake Hit's Generator
- Referral log footprint maker (Referral Genie)
- Search Engine Submitter
- 2 Doorway Page Generators
a) Dynamic Doorway Pages - uses random phrases and keywords (requires fsock support)
b) Static doorway pages - For use on multiple hosts
- Newsgroup posting software (single posts only, we do not support spamming)
- Anonymous Emailer (single emails only, we do not support spamming)
- Misc tools: Keyword generator, whois interface, mail cleaner (for safelists), ranking analyzer, etc..
- Weekly updated proxy list (5000 proxies) for first 6 weeks

Current version 1.0.3
Next version (1.0.4) to include 2 new features: (expected release may 20th)
- Guestbook poster (posts a simple non spammy message to over 7000 guestbooks.)
- Autohits runner - runs your autohit pages from your server without human intervention or tieing up your home computer.

Sale Details:
Paypal users coupon code (20% Off): paypal
Webhosting talk members without paypal (10% Off): wht

Full Details: http://www.terrafirmascripts.com/promotionsuite.php
Order Page: https://www.terrafirmascripts.com/order/

PHP 4.3.x
PHP safe mode off
socket support enabled

Note: If you don't have a host which can support these requirements we can host a copy for a additional $49 per year. Please contact us via email or PM and we can make those arrangements for you. The hosted version comes with free installation and automatic updates.

We are also looking for hosts who we can recommend to our customers and can support these requirements. Details will be covered in a different post.