I am trying to clean install Windows XP Corp on my hard drive from boot using the CD.

Well you know when the setup detects the disk and asks you to press a key, then you see a "Setup is inspecting hardware configuration..." (the screen is at the black screen, not the blue one yet) It hangs, and then the whole screen turns pitch black.

I looked at a few MS articles and it expalined similiar symptoms, but I'm not upgrading from 98/me, nor do I use a 815 chipset.

Currently im running on a intel 865gbf, p4 2.4ghz, geforce 2 64mb ti, cdrw, floppy, 2 hds and thats about it....

Sort of a tricky situation... My cdrom drive is okay, i know that, it just freezes to a completely black screen after that.

Any ideas?

note; mods, I am not quite sure if this is the right category for this, but it was the best looking one for me.