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    Starting a hosting biz...some help :)

    Hi all,

    I have been having a free hosting service for a year almost and with the donations i recieved from everyone i bought a new server wich i want to use for paid hosting.

    I have purchased the needed and setup the server.

    But i need some help with:

    How can the people who want hosting buy it online and create an account instantly after it? What do i need and how do i do it?

    Since now i can only do it with paypal..and use the payment confirmation page to display the account creation link or something?

    I really would like some help & tips.

    Thanks in advance...


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    If you want automatic account creation, you should purchase client billing software that works with your control panel. For example, if you were running cPanel, you could get ModernBill or WHM-AutoPilot.

    Then, you could get a online merchant account to process the payments via credit card. Once the billing system processes the order, you can set it to create the account and send the information to the client.

    While this is not my personal recommendation to have automatic account creation, it is/can be done using the above software., a Digitally Justified Company
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    Thank you :-)

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    I would highly advice against the automatic setup thing. I have WHM Autopilot and ran it that way briefly. In 2 weeks I have about 6 fraudulent accounts get setup, and so I turned it off. You really should verify that the people are who they say they are before proceeding with giving them access to your server.
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    since you are just starting up , i think automatic account creation is not necessary at this stage.

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    Ok, i will use this just manually in the start

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    I am new as well, how would you go by manually checking that it is really them?

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    first of all, if you have their ip, use this to track their location:

    compare the city & country provided by them to the one the above site displays for thier ip, if its different, their obviously trying to put in a fake address...

    you could also further crack it down by using the phone number they provided:

    i would call all customers & verify the details before creating their account

    hope this helps...

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