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    ModernBill Live Support

    Does anyone know of a Module for ModernBill that provides Live Support?

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    I am not currently aware of one. I will be watching this
    thread closely to see if someone has discovered one.
    We're getting ready to implement livehuman into our
    site. It's much cheaper than liveperson.

    Does anyone have experience dealing with livehuman
    services? Maybe I should start a thread on them.

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    i think it is better to email modernbill to enquire. they will provide a better answer.

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    AFAIK there isn't one. This is kind of a touchy subject in general, since MB is a BILLING SYSTEM, some people think that they should focus on making the existing system better instead of adding extra functionality that isn't really related to billing or CRM at all.

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    Rman2003 I disagree totally. As a good client and billing management system ModernBill needs a client area where customers can login and access everything, support, live support if the host offers it, purchase, upgrade, downgrade, cancel, etc. I am currently working on a client management system which has a feature allowing you to input your billing system's code into the support section of the client area. I'm not allowed to disclose information about it here, but PM me if interested.


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    We currently use ModernBill and have integrated Kayako as a solution to the support situation.

    From what I understand they will be integrating LiveResponse into Kayako ESupport as of Version 3.0 (still in production no eta).

    If they do I would expect they will be putting it with there integration for ModernBill.

    I agree that ModernBill shouldn't be the one do to this. ModernBill does billing and a superb job.

    If you need additional functionality, look elsewhere.

    Most of the desktop templates are editable. You could just edit the right hand desktop and add your own code for an external product.

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