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    Can we be reponsible for this?

    This is what happened. I wont write long essays on it but will make it as brief as possible.
    Client signed up 8 months ago i believe. Stayed with us till May. His server was getting tooo out of hand overloaded... And he thought we were SUPPOSE to deal with the load issue when he is actually overloading the servers.
    To make things short His payment was due on first (keeping in mind that we showed much much flexibility when his payment gets late) Any way his last excuse on the 1st May i think was Banks are closed so he cant deposit into his bank to pay via Paypal. We got into an argument that he was suppose to have it Not like wait for payment... Any way Then he starts complaining about the load and said its your headache to deal with it etc etc etc And at that point it was enough for me to not to renew his contract based on His server got DDOS (OUTGOING FLOODS) a lot and nocster and us work out and keep cleaning his servers for scripts. (so much that everytime there is a flood on my segment nocster tech look at his server first) He had a bug in his main php script which we requested some $$$ and we fixed it never got paid for that.

    To make the story short i gave him till 4th to MOVE the data which he clearly agrees. He did move his data and i ask nocster to suspend (disc) his server on 4th... and on 5th filed for cancelation from nocster as got no words from him ....
    Late night he msg me saying EV1 screwed his box up and he lost his data there. I sent priority 1 ticket to nocster asking f the box hasnt been formated to plug it back which was doen with in 15 minutes (for 24 hrs only nocster agree to put it back) .... btw we already took that server off our monitoring as it wa no longer needed.
    After 24 hrs client msg and said the server was online for 2 hrs online and .... so on. We checked with nocster and unfortunalty the hdd was wiped and i told the client and he didnt said anythign any more..... Few hrs later one of HIS clients IM me and start saying BAD stuff to me names etc etc and blaming all to us for there data lost.... Told him clearly that he is not our client and his hoster should contact us if there is no issue
    So My question is Is there my fault at all in this partially or what???
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    As to your question, I don't believe you're at fault at all. You went above and beyond the call of duty in contacting Nocster when he had moved providers! I don't believe there's anything else that could have been done.

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    You have no fault whatsoever in this issue. The issue lies with your customer and EV1, you did what I probably would have done in your situation.


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    I agree with both saminuske and Josh - you followed your contractual obligations & even did extra for them, it's not your fault.

    - Matt

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    If everything is as you said then you can sleep well at night and your client should have nightmares for being so stupid. You did all right.

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