I was going to buy isp4you as i dont wish to spend a load but i was looking in the forums and found people saying that isp4you is very basic??
Basicly i want something that will set up accounts easily and if you can do reseller on them althogh i probly will not use it, it would be nice to have the option.
I looked at esim and thats a bit too dear for my liking, somebody posted it was $99 but the cheapest i can see is $199 but thats a $100 over my budget so i found thst c+ but that looks like webmin
with a differnt theme?? then found H-spec but on there demo it takes ages to load ??.
So basicly is anyone useing any of these and if so whats it like on your server ??.
I could have whm but at $19.99 a month its not worth it as i have it already on anouther server.
Any sujestions from you guys Please