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    OSCommerce + Template Needed

    First, I represent a company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in need of an OSCommerce theme/skin and possibly a new template for our site.

    Our current site is and we're going to be migrating to OSCommerce very very soon and are in need of a template that we could use to symbolize our six stores combined as they are on our current page.

    The budget for this project is not expensive. If you're looking for a six hundred dollar paycheck from this I apologize. We are a small strating company, however we will advertise for anyone who participates.

    Our site receives over 880,000 unique visits per month and we have five newsletters mailed weekly to over 2.1 million subscribers. We're immediately affiliated with University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma and the University of Arkansas. This would be great exposure for any other new company with experience in OSCommerce especially that would like to help.

    For more information email: [email protected] or on msn: [email protected]


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    you are lookin at about $500 for this mate. as its a pain to make a oscommerce web site unless u find someone who already has 1 ready made.

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    forgive me for asking, but what is an oscommerce website ??

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    OSCommerce is a GPL - Open-Source Shopping Cart System, for more information --

    Well, whatever it costs, it costs. Just have to get it done within seven days.

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    I have a friend who may be interested in this. Contact him through
    - Jamie Harrop

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    Dear Justin,
    I am interested in this OSCommerce theme/skin project…

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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    Thumbs up Voxthemes can do.

    dear sir,

    we can do this for you as we have experience current oscommerce skinned as per our site looks.

    please review our shop

    this is made by us and we are into skin business since last thee years and did successful jobs for so many customers for various application such as,

    squirrelmail, ensi, cpanel, neomail, clientexec, lithiumsp etc.

    you can catch me on messengers too.

    We can provide high quality professional interface for your e-commerce web.

    Chat with us for more information.

    MSN : [email protected]
    ICQ : 176345599
    Yahoo : [email protected]
    AIM : itideas

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    i can get you intouch with this site skinner
    he is a friend of mine and i am sure he can even do a better skin jobe then

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    I have a few osCommerce templates which I have not used till now, so if you are interested in buying them, you can have them for a price a little less than the original price.

    Visit to see a demo of the templates i have mentioned.

    OS02N00018 - $ 35
    OS01C00017 - $ 35
    OS01C00019 - $ 35
    OS01C00014 - $ 25
    OS01C00016 - $ 35

    I will customise these templates for you at a very minimal cost, contact me via msn/email at [email protected]

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    May I draw your attention to ?

    A visit to this site should be a satisfying experience in terms of price and speed of service. I understand also undertakes custom design and programming jobs around osCommerce.

    (the site design is currently being revamped, so just a few glitches might be visible in the next couple of days).

    Hope that helps.


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    Amaresh, could you customize one so that I may see colors and header images for a look such as ?


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    If I supply the OS Commerce template, how much you guys charge to code it to be used?

    I will provide all header images and color schemes.

    just need them to be coded that away if you click on store1 it has store1's colors , store 2 to store 2 etc --

    However each store is a top-level category within the os-commerce system itself*

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    Still no response?

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    Hi Justin!

    Could you pls. elaborate a li'l more on your job specs? Esp. the following quote needs some rephrasing to give you a ball park figure:

    just need them to be coded that away if you click on store1 it has store1's colors , store 2 to store 2 etc --

    However each store is a top-level category within the os-commerce system itself

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    awesome stuff

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    Did you have any luck with filling this job? What features of osCommerce are you looking to include in your new store front? I can quickly code a fully featured osCommerce site for you that includes features such as WYSIWYG editor, Affiliate Program, Product Sort Attributes, Sales Reporting Tools, Newsletter Manager and much more. Drop me a PM if you might still be interested.


  17. if u agree then i will send u a sample template of this site.

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