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    Seeking "unbundled" Authorize.Net reseller recommendations ...

    I was setting up a new online business, and hoped to get a merchant account through the Costco co-branded program of Nova Information Systems (a big processor.) This seems like a good idea because the fees are quite reasonable, and because of the Costco affiliation, they stand apart from the rest of the merchant account industry in being not evil. (I have a Costco merchant account already for another business, and they are great, in contrast to all previous providers I have dealt with, who were expensive and thoroughly evil.)

    The complication is as follows: I also wanted to get Authorize.Net gateway and virtual terminal services. Nova works with Authorize.Net, but is not actually a reseller. Resellers I can find seem to always bundle Authorize.Net products with their favored merchant account. Applying directly to Authorize.Net is possible, but they quote prices much higher than those typically quoted by resellers.

    So my question is: does anyone know of an Authorize.Net reseller that resells the services "unbundled" (i.e. without a merchant account also through them), and at a decent price?

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    Just curious if there is a reason that it MUST be, a Digitally Justified Company
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    I suppose the gateway does not need to be -- just something compatible with Nova and osCommerce, with some sort of "virtual terminal" feature for keying in offline transactions, and good and reliable.

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    I would talk to Chris at CDGCommerce. They offer as well as their own gateway. He has also been know to help people customize their apps in order to accomodate the processing. Great company to deal with.

    Chris goes by "cdgcommerce" on this forum, drop him a PM and quote the thread so he knows what's happening., a Digitally Justified Company
    Celebrating our 9th year in Business

    Proudly Hosting with CANADIAN bandwidth
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    Yeah, try /n software's ICharge component. It supports Nova through their ViaKlix gateway, and also has support for four or five of the Authorize.Net gateways. (Authorize.Net, MPCS, RTWare, and some others I can't remember off the top of my head. All in all they've got about 25 gateways supported. The component works in DotNet, ASP, VB, C++, Java, and a lot more dev environments. They even have a CF (Pocket PC) version. Just go to and check out the literature and free demo.


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    There are a few companies that offer just the gateway. I'll have to call my business partner to have him e-mail me the list. We were actually just talking about this the other day because of some issues that was happening over at Costco.

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    Hi Corey, do you have this list yet, and can you post it to the forums?


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    I wanted to post here so people did not think I was ignoring you but I did send you an e-mail.

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    I recommend CDGCommerce as well. Just signed up with them and they are a great bunch of people to deal with.

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    I know Corey can offer the gateway without anything else. They saw a need for it & signed up as a reseller. He can help you out with just the gateway

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    Hi, thank you for the responses.

    I have already contacted CDG, and was told they don't offer the gateway separately from their merchant account.

    I have also found another gateway only service that offers slightly better pricing than Corey's business partner (who didn't send me a list, just the pricing for his own services). I am wondering if anyone has dealt with them? www_ashopsoftware_com (sorry, no clickable link, apparently I can't post them until I have more posts...)

    I am in the process of getting a merchant account setup with Costco/Nova, which became significantly less attractive after I found out they aren't -currently- offering gateway services. Apparently they were in the past, and apparently they will be through Nova's viaKLIX in the future, but they aren't -now-. This significantly increases the overhead for dealing with them, and I cannot recommend anyone apply to them unless they are already a Costco member (which I am; and though I had upgraded to an executive membership to take advantage of this deal, I can get that upgrade fee back should I eventually not go through Nova.... in which case I will most likely go with CDG).

    Cheers, Matt

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    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie here, but have been researching this Costco/Nova situation and this site seems to have the most informed participants, so....
    We've had a Costco/Nova merchant account for around two years now. Not a single chargeback or even credit, basically a perfect record. We were using the Iongate gateway, which as most of you know is reportedly going away as of 6/1. I, too, have been researching alternate gateway providers, with darn little satisfaction.
    First, though, this whole situation is very strange. It's impossible to get straight answers from Costco, Nova, or uSight (the folks operating the Iongate gateway) about what is going on. Also, one client that I built a site for and referred to Costco/Nova for their credit card processing has apparently not gotten the notices of the Iongate gateway cancellation, so I'm wondering if ALL Costco/Nova customers are affected by this situation.
    There's more, but it'd bore you to death, and turn into a novella, so I'll leave it at that for now.
    All we need is a virtual terminal. uSight offers one for $15/month. If you Google uSight, though, you'll find they have quite a checkered past, & I'm not too excited about going with them. 3Delta and ITransact show some promise, but so far have been unresponsive to e-mails.
    viaKlix appears to be just a "Buy" button to incorporate into a shopping cart.
    The ashopsoftware doesn't appear to be a gateway, it interfaces with gateways, inlcuding Iongate (which doesn't appear to me to be on the verge of folding up shop).
    So that brings us back to the original point of this thread, I believe. Suggestions for low-cost, reliable, payment gateway/virtual terminal services are much appreciated.

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    Just finally heard back from 3Delta. In spite of three recommendations from Nova, it turns out 3Delta isn't compatible with them after all!

    Edit: Actually, her reply was "3Delta's EC-Zone gateway is technically compatible, yet we currently do not sell directly to merchants, and our gateway cannot be offered through the Costco program at this time."

    Is this Dilbert in real life, or what the heck is going on with the Costco/Nova situation?
    Actually, the gal from 3Delta that replied worked for Nova until recently, so it'll be interesting to see if she answers my concerns/suspicions about the situation.

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    Have you tried They seem to offer unbundled gateway for $39 ( I haven't used them so I don't know if they charge other fees like transaction fee etc, you may need to contact them for more information. If it does work for you, please let me know because I'm also interested in their offer.


    It seems to me that you are an agent for CSI, do you know if their merchant account works with gateway? Or just with Linkpoint only?


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    Yes it does with, LinkPoint, and Verisign actually that I know of right now.

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