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    Logo need for my client (offer $40)

    Dear all,

    Need a logo for my client. Offering $40. Please post your design here or email me offline. ([email protected]) I'll pay through paypal.

    These are the elements that I would like to inspire the logo:

    1. I was thinking in a logo based on the old Templar Cross but in
    Blue color.

    2. I wanted also a circle around with 12 circles.

    3. I like the possibility of merging this with a world globe.

    Attachment 1

    Attachment 2


    Eric Leung

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    Your client is Global Traders or something else? What is the company name/type that needs to be there? Thanks.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    No my client is not 'Global Traders'. But they just like the global thing within that logo.

    My client's name is 'Carisma Church'

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    My entries

    I wasn't sure what you meant by circle with 12 circles...if you want anything else just let me know.

    Changed from Global Traders to Charisma Church

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    Oops, thought it was "Charisma", not "Carisma"... update here

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    Thanks, looks good.

    About the 12 circles, I think my client want to have 12 small circles 'somehow' display around the centre one.

    Please add this to your sample and I'll send your sample to my client for approval.

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    I have contacted you about my logo but you have not replied!

    If you are not interested its fine, just let me know thats all

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    Hi FiR3,

    Looks great, but my client wants to have a 'global' & 'cross' thing somehow put together.


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    Please see our logo templates

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    A couple of concepts for your client

    Carisma Concepts

    Fonts, placement of text, colors etc can be changed.

    Designed in 100% vector art. Available in all formats for screen and print.

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    Hi shyflower,

    Thanks, I'll forward your design to my client and see if they like it.


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    I have forwarded all of you guys design to my client, waiting for their comment.

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    heres mine, hope is not too late

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    Just a warning: after he contacted me about "winning" and several e-mails were exchanged, he dropped off of the face of the earth (to my best knowledge)...I went to the website of the church the other day and lo and behold, he had just put up someone else's logo. Not quite stealing, but I spent a decent amount of time doing these revisions only to have no response and no compensation for my time.

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    Here's the summary of conversations between my client and me about this job (Removed words about the adjustment instructions). The logo they are using now is created by themselves, NOT me. I didn't receive ANY money at all for this logo development job. I just want to let you know that I wasn't trying to be unfair with you, I didn't get anything from this job.

    Client: Do you know anyone that can create me a new logo? I want to create a new logo for our Church.

    Me: I just received a desgin. He designed 2 logos you can choose from. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Client: It's just a matter of merging the first logo (the one with the globe on top of the cross) with the logo on the attachment that I'm sending (Global Traders).

    Client: I'm interested but I will need to have some changes. I just need one logo. The logo on the right side has some potential but I want to maintain our colors (Red and Blue, and we can have Black too).

    Me: Check out the update logo.

    Client: I don't like the logo as is but is almost there... Tell him to ...... (a list of instrucstions)

    Me: Check out the update logo.

    Client: The logo is going in the right direction but maybe I didn't explain myself in the right way... let me get it right. (a list of instrucstions) The projected logo is to be mixed with that "Global Traders" logo ....(a list of instrucstions)

    Client: I don't mind if I have to pay a little bit more for the job but I will have to use the logo everywhere so it should be as I want it (it cannot be just good...has to be excellent)

    Me: Received the updated logo. See if it is what you want. I told him that we'll need to modify the logo until it is perfect and we'll pay him a bit more when completed.

    Client: Let's try the following in the logo: Note: (a list of instrucstions) We are almost there!...

    Client: About the logo my only concern until now is that I don't see that this person has enough artistic talent or imagination and I didn't want to spend money in something that I don't like. What he did so far I could do it also in Photoshop...let me think about it overnight and I will get back to you about this.

    Client: I spent sometime today playing with photoshop myself. What do you think of this logo that I created?

    Me: You planned to use it on your site? It'll be great if you can have a decision, and I can forward your decision to that designer.

    Client: I'm going to keep the logo that I did (Maybe I will do some small cosmetics).

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