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    How to config my server to fixe this proplem ?

    Hi there ...

    my fourm's database size ( 1.8 G ) ..

    last three day's my fourm was closed cause of this proplem .. and it show that proplem when i tried to access the database from phpMyAdmin ..


    #1203 - User [email protected] has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections


    mr.Steve Machol from vbulletin said :

    all you can do is ask your host to raise the maximum number of connections they allow.

    And i don't now how to do it ???

    i use plesk 7 in my server


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    on your my.cnf file

    set-variable = max_connections=XXX

    change XXX with a value over 100 .. since 100 is usally the default
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    make sure you restart mysql after you make that change.
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