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    Need Help Setting up a server box

    I think I bit off more then I could chew. I am currently renting a win2k server box from KCnetpro and I need lots of help to set it up. I want to set up the box for game servers and also web hosting, but my problem is I dont know how to do anything beyond the simple stuff. I am running a site and also a game server off the box, but I would like to run addition sites and game servers. Any help, suggestions, tips or advise is greatly appreciate. -Shawn

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    Are you wanting to pay for management services? One-Time setup? or just fishing for links so you can learn something?

    For multiple gaming servers -

    Past that, do you have any more specific questions?
    "run addition sites" - Virtual sites? what sort of access do you have to the box?

    Edit : If you are wanting to learn something about Win2k server and IIS 5.0 check out some of the below links for help. If you are wanting to pay for someone to set it up. Let me know what kind of setup you need. I might be able to recommend a few different people.

    IIS 5.0
    From Blueprint to Fortress: A Guide to Securing IIS 5.0
    Secure IIS 5.0 CheckList

    How to Secure Your IIS Environment
    Microsoft Solution for Securing Windows 2000 Server
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Security Hardening Guide

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    Hire a server management company.

    Unfortunately since it's a Windows server, I can't recommend any good companies, as the ones that I know of only support UNIX/Linux systems.

    Good luck!
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    Thank for the links and for the help. Any and all advise is great to me.

    firedaemon is almost like what I have that's currently running on the server box right now it's called Woody.

    I guess I did not explain myself very well. I would like help into turning the box into running multiple game servers( Ex: setting up each individual game server).

    I have 8 static IPs and I would like to set the IPs up to the game servers. I have full access to the box. I would like to host sites on the box if I could. Thanks again

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    somone can quote me on this if im wrong but, i think running 1 game server and hosting on 1 dedicated box alone is not possible due to the high demand on CPU.

    if your thinking more on just using the box as a game server box then the most common game servers per a box is 2, although depending on the game you are running and how many players etc, you can probely handle 3.

    you may want to think about having that hosting biz on a different box. yeah ok it might be possible to run everything from one box but i dont think it will get you or your clients very far.

    but as i said, i might be wrong.

    just my 0.02 cents.

    EDIT: If you would like more informaition on setting up a game server, then check these people out

    they only work with linux but im sure they could give you a few pointers into the right direction.

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    Yup, technically game servers can be quite intensive on the CPU and may slow down the web servers or if you have an active web server, it could affect the performance of the game server and we all know that latency is a big No-No for games. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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