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    Question Gateway problem....cannot save in the settings after reboot!


    I have a 3Com 24-port unmanaged switch...
    Well the issue is....having all our servers cannot save the gateway settings after reboot.

    We did all sort of ways such as
    - netconfig
    - add gw
    - edit eth0
    ....etc etc..

    But it still doesnt save the gateway after reboot.

    Currently we just put a command to add gw once it reboot and edit works..

    But i try on other networks, it doesnt have any issues by using netconfig.

    Can anybody tell me is this weird or is normal?

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    If is different depending on the OS you are using. If you are using Linux look for a file called /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and add GATEWAY=''. Replacing that IP with your correct gateway. Other files that control this are /etc/defaultrouter (Solaris) or /etc/rc.conf (FreeBSD) depending on your OS.

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