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    Technical tutor/manager looking for work

    I'm a lecturer who has recently become self employed, and dropped to becoming a part-time teacher. I formerly used to teach 16-21 year old students, on both further (A-Level equivalent) and higher (HNC/HND) education in IT and Computer Science, as well as teach upcoming and current network technicians and IT managers. Before that, I had a few years working as a senior systems administrator in the South.

    What I'm looking for is additional employment, either in the form of ongoing service and/or 'one off' projects. These are the functions that I am currently interested in performing:

    - Strategy
    - Networking/data communications
    - Security (and data integrity)

    - Support, preferably 2nd line
    - Training or supervisory events
    - Computer administration (Linux and/or Windows desktop deployment)

    - Java
    - Visual Basic
    - C++
    - PHP/MySQL
    - Microsoft Access

    - Technical writing
    - User guides

    Obviously this list isn't exhaustive, but anything along these lines would be considered. In terms of pay, it'd obviously be paid in arrears (after satisfactory completion). Can produce a valid VAT receipt should it be required.

    Looking for private messages in the first instance please. Thanks again.

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    Didn't realise that links to private messages were blocked? If that's the case, then reply here please

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