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    i need some help from experienced graphic designers.

    hi guys,
    i am a budding graphic designer.i need some help from experienced graphic designers.
    1 how does one create layout for bottle / tube design for beauty products ?
    2 what is the dpi for these type of layouts and for printing ?
    3 what will be the size usually for these type of layouts ?
    please advice in this matter.
    it will be a great help.

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    I would design it in Illustrator with an artboard of a certain size. Not sure about how large the bottle is so it is up to you. I'd have the front on the right go all the way over to the left as the back. Print it out and wrap it around to see if it fits right.

    DPI: 300 is normal for any print job.

    Font size is up to you, you are the designer. You decide what is placed where and how big it is. Use your art skills and create something tasteful, yet unique, for the company.

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