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    sql database help...

    Hello all,

    This might be a silly question but I need help on it badly.

    I am running a personal webserver that is identical to the one I have on the "world wide web". I have been struggling with the sql databases that I downloaded as backup for my "world wide web" website. I tried to import the .sql file using phpMyAdmin and as well as enable or disable them by using MySQL Control Centre. And here's the problem.

    When I run the website, the HTMLs and PHPs worked fine, but the sql databases always saying error messages regarding username and password incorrected. I even set the username and password of the "world wide web" site that I'm owning but still didn't work.

    My only question is how do you correctly import the SQL databases from your "world wide web" website into your personal webserver (your computer).

    This is my first time posting it, if this post is inappropriate to be here then please Mod move it to where it should be.

    Any suggestions, ideas, or information would be very much appreciate it!


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    After you have created the DB and user/pass to use on your personal server, download the .sql backup file to it, and then run this:

    mysql dbname < backupfile.sql

    That will import it all into that specifed DB.

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