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    Need a Linux Expert!

    Just bought a server from and need it secured and some software installed.

    some free webmail
    free control panel
    free web stats
    secure server

    i only want to run one high traffic website from this server, not a hosting co.

    can someone give me an offer of the time it will take and how much it'll cost.

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    I am able to fix this for only $80. Should take a few hours, but then everything will be working like it should.

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    AexiManagement offer a very cheap Security Audit package that contains numerous security features.

    We usually charge $75 per audit for this, But because we are running our "opening special" the price has been reduced by $25 to $50.

    Please let me know if you require someone to do this installation.

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    thanks to everyone who offered their services, there are some very skilled people using this board. I have taken on the services of ryan for continuous support of the site.

    thanks again.

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    Ahem, I believe I set all the requested items up on your server and also believe they are running perfectly. Maybe you either got mixed up or are blatantly two faced.

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    nah, you ****ed the whole server up and mis-installed stuff, after 19 hours you had me installed on another server that you tried to sell me so i had to get another guy to fix it all.

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    heh, Is this position still open?

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