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    I am in the UK and am starting my own web hosting company some time in May and wondered whether anybody who is doing likewise from other areas of the world would be interested in offering their customers 24 hour support.

    The Idea:

    A group of hosting companies getting together to offer support for each other. I think this should be no more than about 5 or 6 companies otherwise it will become unmanageable.

    What each person/company is expected to do:
    A few times during your working day check the forums/support area of other companies and reply to any questions that you can answer or if it is something you feel only the host can answer/solve then reply with a holding answer. You would be set up as a member/moderator of the other hosting companies' forums and you should reply as if you were working for them.

    What you would get out of it: People checking your forums and answering support queries as if they worked for you while you are asleep or away effectively giving your customers 24 hour support.

    I can also set some system up so we can check to see who is online, discuss who wants to cover who etc., then you wouldn't waste time visiting forums/answering questions unnecessarily and the work can be shared evenly.

    This is really aimed at start up / small hosting companies to ensure workload is kept low and fair.

    I already have a couple of companies in the UK going ahead with this, so I'm really looking for people outside the UK.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    Would you be looking for hosts with pricing & plans similar to your own so that the risk of losing customers to them is minimal?

    This is something I might be interested in.

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    I sent you a email. I am in the US. Very interested in this. I also think i have some ideas that might help.

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    Customers wouldn't know that replies were coming from people from different companies, so there wouldn't have to be any similarity between the plans. Say one of your customers asked a question at 4am your time, you would be asleep (presumably), but there would be someone else available to answer the question within the group of 5 or 6 companies. They would then respond using your forums / support ticketing and as far as your customer is concerned you've answered the question at 4am in the morning, so you are offering them 24 hour support. There would be no advertising of your own hosting services allowed, it's purely a way of offering 24 hour support to your customers, but on the condition you answer other hosts' customers questions, while you are online.

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    We are looking for hosting companies to offer support in return for support, looking at your website you sell support, not what we are looking for.

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