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    Exclamation What to do with cheaters ?

    Last month I bought a template design from Pixabit.
    I paid 275$ in total, when I asked to slice it up it was promised the same week, still, after three weeks no sliced up page.
    I gave the job to someone else that did on one day, that really pissed me off.
    But ok I got the website so thats ok. It was promised to delete the template after it was sold (one time sold guarauntee) but pixabit refuses to delete it from their site. After asking several times by msn and email no answer anymore and i've been blocked on msn as well.
    What the hell can I do about this, if there 's anything to do at all

    We are a company that are seeking people for template design but we want to give our customers the promise that the template will NOT be sold more than once, hope you understand why this pisses me off...


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    pixabit is around on this forum too, lets see what he says
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    Yes you should always get templates from reliable website (i.e. from! That is the problem with the net you never no if you will get what you ask for, thats why i dont sign up on things like ebay!
    Either get a mate to do it or get a web design company who have had lots of clients to do it for you!

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    indeed, lets see what he says.

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    I have moved this to a general forum. Seems a few have had problems with this user. We have tried to get it resolved, but no luck as yet.

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