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    Need web hosting layout < $40 ??

    Introducing Host Designs specialising in webhosting templates!

    Each template is uniquely made by us so you wont find them anywhere around the net. Every template includes:

    * Full PSD layout
    * Fully cut and coded
    * Hidden <!--tags--> to help with the coding
    * Meta tags generated
    * Full rights

    For custom designs please contact us through the website for a free quota!

    So check us out now - Host Designs

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    Originally posted by
    Dont wanna be rude but may wanna lower the prices, because they are pretty basic templates even if they are "UNIQUE" which they may not be.
    If you dont mean to be then you failed, !!!

    They are nice templates and are priced nice aswell. Considering they wont be sold again.

    Good job ,

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    Originally posted by AdminWHF
    Considering they wont be sold again.
    Most of the templates posted on this website wont be resold from what i have been veiwing.

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    The reason they are so high is because the features of the coding including stylesheet, and they will be deleted upon sold

    Thanks for the comments David

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    we now have some nice logos for sale

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    You have some nice, simple designs there.

    In regards to your site, you might want to make seperate thumbnails for each template, instead of displaying the big one really small. What your doing now takes a long time to load the page and the quality of the small one isnt very good.

    Good luck with your sales!!

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